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Voice Directory Lite


Productivity / Communication

Version: 0.5




Ever had to look up a phone number and call while driving alone? Voice Directory Lite is the app for you! It is a hands-free app that uses voice to search Yellow Pages' business listings in the US and call the phone number directly. It can be a helpful tool in avoiding distractions while driving if you absolutely have to look up a number to call for directions or to find out if a business is open.


• Use voice to search for a business near you or by city and state.
• Search by business name (Starbucks, Mcdonalds...) or business type (pizza, pharmacy...)
• Call the business directly by answering 'yes' when asked to call.
• Choose to hear all the results by answering 'no' when asked to call.
• Lists up to 5 results and repeats the results again.
• Say 'cancel' at any prompt to exit the search.

The Lite version has a 20 prompt limit. A full version for multiple languages and countries is coming soon!

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