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Why do I need an ASTEROID Market account?
Many of the features of ASTEROID products are accessed in the form of downloadable Apps, which are available for download on the ASTEROID Market. An ASTEROID Market account is needed to download these Apps onto your ASTEROID device.
Does my ASTEROID Product work without an ASTEROID Market account?
Some of the basic product features of the product will operate without an Account e.g. hands-free, FM/AM receiver and music playback; however many of the other services and advanced features require downloading to the device from an ASTEROID Market account. Without an ASTEROID Market account you will not have access to all advanced product features.
How do I use the ASTEROID Market?
Refer to the registration guide available here.
My e-mail address is not accepted when I create my account
  • An e-mail address can only be associated to one user account on the ASTEROID Market. If your e-mail address is not accepted, it is probably associated to another account.
  • Make sure that your e-mail address is in the following format : name@domain.ext
What is the confirmation code asked for when buying an application on ASTEROID Market?
The purchase confirmation code is a 4-digit security code you define when creating your ASTEROID Market account. You will be asked for this code on every paid transaction carried out on the ASTEROID Market. It is mandatory even if you are not thinking of buying applications on ASTEROID Market.
Can I have more than one ASTEROID product linked to the same Market account?
Yes, you can register as many ASTEROID products as you want.
Can I purchase an app and install it on all my ASTEROID Products?
No, each purchased item can only be installed on one ASTEROID product.
Can I use the same ASTEROID market account for two of the same ASTEROID devices? So for example if both my wife and I have a Smart, can we register the unit on the same account and both access the apps that we have paid for/downloaded?
Yes, however when you buy an app on the ASTEROID Market, this app is associated to one product. Thus you can’t use it with another product even if that’s the same ASTEROID device.
I cannot access ASTEROID Market from my ASTEROID
  • Ensure your ASTEROID is connected to the Internet. Refer to the ASTEROID user guide for more information.

  • Ensure you have received an e-mail confirming that your account has been created. You might need to wait a few minutes until you receive the e-mail. If not, create a new account. If you have received the confirmation e-mail, ensure the log in details you enter into the ASTEROID are correct (upper case and lower case letters).

  • If a pop-up window saying that your product is already associated with another ASTEROID Market account appears, contact our technical support.
I have lost my log-in details (Login and/or Password) for my ASTEROID Account. How do I recover these?
Click on the “login” button on the ASTEROID Market homepage and use the links to recover your login or password details
I cannot find the application I'm looking for on the ASTEROID Market
The applications available differ depending on the country selected when you registered on ASTEROID Market. If the application is not shown when the Price and Categories filters are set to "All", the application is not available for your country or your device.
I cannot download applications from the ASTEROID Market web site
  • Ensure your ASTEROID is correctly associated with your ASTEROID Market account. To do this, click on My products once you are connected. If your device is not shown, refer to the registration guide for more information on associating the ASTEROID with your ASTEROID Market account.

  • If you use a Parrot ASTEROID Classic, applications download is only possible from update 2.0.
I cannot find an application downloaded from ASTEROID Market on my PC
Check the location of downloaded files in your browser settings. The name of an application downloaded from ASTEROID Market is a number with the extension .ppk (e.g. "112.ppk").
I cannot install an application downloaded directly to my ASTEROID via the Internet
This may happen if there was a problem during the download.
  1. Delete the application. To do this:
    • On ASTEROID Classic and ASTEROID Mini, press Menu then Delete.
    • On ASTEROID Smart and ASTEROID Tablet, press on the application, then on Delete.
  2. Download the application again. If you paid for it, you will not have to pay again.

I cannot access applications present on my SD card on the ASTEROID
Ensure the filename has not been changed. The name of an application downloaded from Asteroid MARKET is a number with the extension .ppk (e.g. 112.ppk).
Can I use another SD card than the one supplied with my ASTEROID ?
Note: An SD card is included with the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet and the Parrot ASTEROID Smart.

Yes, but you have to transfer the contents from the previous card onto the new one. However, the iGO application cannot be moved from the supplied SD card.
The application I bought on the ASTEROID Market is different from the application on my Smartphone. Why ?
The ASTEROID Market applications are pre-formatted and suitable for Parrot products. Therefore, the content may differ from other versions available on other devices.
Will my applications be deleted if I update my ASTEROID ?
In some cases when you change the language area, applications can be deleted. To get an application back, just download it again.
I have accidentally deleted an application for which I have paid. Will I have to pay for it again to use it?
No. Just download it again.
What happens if I sell my ASTEROID, how do I remove the unit from my account?
  1. Log into your ASTEROID Market account.
  2. Click on My account.
  3. Click on Deactivate your account.
If I sell the ASTEROID what happens to the apps I paid for?
The apps you purchased are on your Market account ready for your next ASTEROID product. If you UNLINK your unit this will also remove your paid applications
What if I sell my ASTEROID and the new owner wishes to keep the paid apps?
The best option is to edit your ASTEROID Market account erasing your details and updating with the new users.
What if I sell my ASTEROID and want to keep the paid apps for the future when I get my next ASTEROID product.
Please contact Technical support with your request.
What happens if I need to exchange my ASTEROID for another one under warranty?
Once you receive the replacement unit enter your Market account details (user name, password) into your unit to associate your new unit with your account. Now log into the Market on your computer, you will see two units under the ‘My Parrot Products’ Use the Migrate button to transfer all apps from your old unit to your new one.